In a consultation, you will receive help to to set the course for your next steps in important areas of life and your digital nomad business and to make appropriate decisions.

So after a consultation you will have all the necessary basics to reach your target of a location independent life in the fast lane.

I offer you specialized advice and support in the following areas:

Check Your Business Idea

You get qualified feedback on your business idea or business plan, and a straightforward and honest assessment of whether you can succeed.

You get valuable information to fine-tune your business to reach the customers you want, and how to set up all the processes in your future business to scale and control it from anywhere. Any ideas that you share with me will of course be kept strictly confidential.

Incorporate your Business

Where is the best place to incorporate your business?

Together, we will discover the most advantageous structure based on your nationality, the nature of your business model, the location of your customers, your family situation, your travel plans, and other important factors that play a key role in choosing your business location.

You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to set up your business in the country of your choice and access to my network of local contacts that can help you get started in this country.

Your Personal Tax Residency

Together, we will examine your individual situation and determine which countries are best suited for you to register as a tax resident in order to minimize your tax burden.

We take into account your nationality, your travel plans and your planned or existing business environment. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to register in the country of your choice. For many popular countries, I can also refer you to a local partner who can help you with the documentation.

Emigration and Immigration

We will discuss the entire process of emigration from your home country, as well as all the official activities that need to be done there, as well as the basics of how to organize the abandonment of your home, the sale of your belongings, renouncing your citizenship (if needed) and so on.

We also consider the requirement for potential immigration to your desired country, including issues such as visa application, health tests, job search, etc.

(Health) Insurance

Together we will ensure that you are insured for any necessary health issues and other important parts of life that need insurance that may arise during your stay abroad.

In addition to health insurance, various insurance policies such as liability, equipment protection, and other areas that interest you. At the end I can either refer you to providers in my network or you can choose the insurance company of your choice.

My advice is independent and is not incentivized by insurance companies.

Technology and Privacy

We can discuss all your questions about technology, communication and security.

Whether you’re looking for a laptop or smartphone, which phone company you are signing up for, or which VoIP setup you will be using on the go, or how you can protect your personal and business communications, we will find a solution that fits your needs. This includes basic configuration help for your computer or phone as well as my personal IT knowledge to get everything up and running.

Furthermore, this block also includes all questions around the subject of websites, imprint legislation and GDPR.

Asset Protection and Wealth Management

You will learn how to protect your money and fortune from a nasty rival or jealous ex-partner, and how to use structures like international trusts, associations, and foundations. With a unique setup tailored to your needs, you can rest assured that no-one can take away your hard-earned things.

Passive Income

All about how you can invest your surplus and build a passive income that will make you live longer and work less in the long run, and also serves as your personal retirement for the distant future.

You will get a second opinion on your plans and best practices on how to grow your fortune over the years and create multiple income streams based on conventional and unconventional investment methods.

Location Independent Lifestlye

You will get help planning your location-independent online business, allowing you to earn your money from anywhere in the world, equipped only with a laptop and phone, and discover the most beautiful places in the world alongside. From the planning of your itinerary, to cheap flying, to the business plan and start-up business, we cover all the key areas to make you a digital nomad.

Through my many years of activity in this area and my large network in this area, I connect you with the right and important people who bring you forward.