It is as much important to earn money than it is to keep it.

When running your successful location independent business you will soon be in the comfortable position that you will have a surplus of funds in your account and maybe you have received a nice parachute from your last employer or inherited some assets from your family members.

Now is the time to put these assets to use, as letting them sit on your checking account will make them vulnerable to inflation, financial crisis or your bank going out of business.

But as soon as taking the decision to do something with your assets, a lot of questions instantly arise:

  • Should I invest in the stock market, and, if yes, in which stocks?
  • Should I open a second business?
  • Should I buy real estate and rent it out or renovate and flip it?
  • Should I invest in valuable metals (gold, silver,…)?
  • Should I try my luck in startup capitalization?
  • What about crypto currencies?

Before you jump into action too fast and give your valuable assets to the first consultant or the customer representative at your local bank, you need a plan and find out what you want to accomplish with your assets?

  • Do you plan to save for retirement?
  • Do you want to build up passive income streams?
  • Are you comfortable to lose a part of your investments but have the chance to higher return rates?
  • Or do you want to play it safe, accepting lower interest rates as a trade-off to keeping your funds readily available?

Wealth management, however, is more than just planning your investments. It is as well thinking about how to save it from the taxman, a future ex-partner, or how to pass it on to the next generation as smoothly and tax-free as possible.

Together with a network of investors and financial advisers we can develop your investment and wealth management strategy together with you until you have a good feeling that your money is invested or stored safely.

We work fully independent and do not receive commissions from anyone when we give financial advice or recommend products or service providers to you.

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